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Book Name: Autobiography Or The Story Of My Experiments With Truth.

Author: M K GANDHI.

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A man known the world around for his message of peace and his commitment to nonviolence. The Story Of My Experiments With Truth is the autobiography of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

Summary of the Book

Mohandas K. Gandhi’s life has inspired millions. A humble man from a simple family, he eventually rose to become famous as the old man with a walking stick, fighting the British rule with his message of non-violence. His actions brought him the name Mahatma. In Gandhi’s own words the reader sees how he grew up a mediocre student, an obedient son and a loving husband. His journey out of India in 1988 to study Law at London tested his beliefs in vegetarianism, abstinence from promiscuity and alcohol. Returning to India, he discovered his mother’s death. Eventually giving up on practicing law in India, he left for South Africa where he fought against the racial discrimination and eventually awoke him to the importance of social justice. An awakening that eventually returned him to India, and brought the downfall of the British rule in India.

About Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a freedom fighter, former advocate and Indian political figure. He was famous for his advocacy on non-violence and his general outlook on life.

Born in Porbandar, Gujarat, Gandhi’s life was changed with his education and eventual journey to South Africa where he helped the Blacks battle racism. He returned to his motherland to find her weeping under the weight of British Rule and his actions finally engulfed India into the final years of conflict before finally achieving Independence. Gandhi is known as the Father of the Indian Nation.

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