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Why is a Strong Vocabulary Important?

We use spoken and written words every single day to communicate ideas, thoughts, and emotions to those around us. Sometimes we communicate successfully, and sometimes we’re not quite so successful. “That’s not what I meant!” becomes our mantra (an often repeated word or phrase). However, a good vocabulary can help us say what we mean.

From exam point of view many of us (including myself) might have struggled in english section . In many exams we could have lost only because english cut off marks . These materials will be very usefull for those students. A good vocabulary skill doesnot comes in over night.Study and practice regularly. Only  continous practice will fetch you more marks .

Download Materials

Link has following materials:

  • Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
  • 30 Days To A More Powerful Vocabulary by Norman lewis
  • 1000+ important collection of word with meanings.
  • Kundan’s materials ( collection of Antonyms,Synonyms, Dictions,One word substitution)

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