Dear Reader ,

Lets see list of words today 🙂


Syn – weary , sluggish , inactive ,slow , dull..

Tamil – சோம்பலான,மந்தமான

Sentence – Nothing can make a person more lethargic than a big turkey dinner.


Syn – calm, peaceful,untroubled,unworried..

Tamil – அமைதியான,சாந்தமான

Sentence – Taking yoga classes helps me remain serene.


Syn – highest point,peak , height ,summit,top…

Tamil – உச்சத்தை ,கூரான மெல்லிய கோபுரம்

Sentence – At the pinnacle of her career, kholi was on the cover of every entertainment magazine.


Syn – unbiased,treating all rivals or disputants equally, neutral..

Tamil – நடுநிலை தவறாத

Sentence – Since the judge is related to the defendant, it is not possible for him to be impartial during the trial.


Syn – put somebody down, undervalue,underestimate..

Tamil – சிறுமைப்படுத்து

Sentence – A good teacher will never belittle his students,but will instead empower them.


Syn – matching, supportive , interdependent ..

Tamil – நிறைவு உண்டாக்குகிற

Sentence – The waiter was careful to tell the amateur diners that redwine was complementary with beef , each               bringing out subtle taste notes in the other.


Syn – never done before, extra ordinary , uncommon,unheard -of ..

Tamil – அபூர்வமான,முன் சம்பவிக்காத

Sentence – The government took the unprecedented step of releasing confidential correspondence.


Syn- estimate or conclude

Tamil – புறச்செருகல்

Sentence – the figures were extrapolated from past trends.


Syn – easy to undersatnd , expressed clearly,bright..

Tamil -பிரகாசமான

Sentence – Even though he was drunk, Henry insisted he was lucid and capable of driving home.


Syn – take back , drawn back , revoke , cancel ..

Tamil – சொன்ன பேச்சை மறுதளி,சொல் புரட்டு.

Sentence – Email is wonderfully efficient but once something wrong has been sent,there is no way to retract it.


Thank you 🙂